Personal Meal Plans​

Customised for you & your loved ones


Personalised meal plans that fit your dietary requirements.
Reviewed and advised by qualified dietitians.


Need meal support for 7 days, 2 weeks,
or until you cancel?
Delivery for lunch only? Dinner only? Or both?


Enjoy a variety of simple, healthy,
home-cooked dishes. No MSG. Low Salt.
No Highly Processed Food.

Right with you when you need us

We’ve got your back on this and are here to take your meal preparation stress away.


We understand regardless of age, life happens, and accidents happen, throwing our normal routine in disarray, whether we’re caregivers or patients.


But these challenges shouldn’t deny anyone from enjoying delicious meals conveniently.


We believe meals are more than just edibles to fill an empty stomach. The aroma of a healthy home-cooked meal goes beyond healing us physically. It also heals us emotionally with the warmth and comfort it brings.


To take things a step further, we work closely with dietitians to review and advise on our menus. Most importantly, this tight collaboration ensures that your customised meal plan meets your dietary requirements.


That, to us, is how we define a holistic therapeutic diet.

How It Works

1. Understanding Your Meal Plan Needs

We’ll work closely with you to identify your diet requirements, delivery time, and how frequent you want your meals delivered. All you need to know is that we have your back.

2. Fresh, Customised Meals Prepared Daily

Our kitchen will prepare your customised meals fresh every time. To keep things exciting, we’ll shuffle a variety of dishes for you too.

3. On-time Delivery To Your Doorstep

Our riders can deliver two meals daily to your doorstep, one for lunch and another for dinner. Don’t need delivery for certain days? 
No problem, just let our team know in advance.

Common Meal Plans

Whether it is a regular or therapeutic diet, our meals do not contain MSG, are low in salt, and we do not use highly processed food.

Common Health Condition

we can cater for


Meals will usually contain non-starchy vegetables and reduce amount of refined grains such as rice and noodles.


A balanced meal with lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.

Post-Hospitalisation /
Limited Mobility

Nutritious meals suitable for a long term health condition or a temporary meal support until you recover, we’ve got you covered during this challenging phase.

Weight Management

A balanced meal with nutrient and portion optimisation to help combat obesity or malnourished adults and children.

What Our Happy Customers are Saying?

Your Meals, Your Way.

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